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Business Consulting

Business consultants almost never use the word "problem"; instead, they talk about opportunities to enhance value. There is a huge range of business issues that consultants like us can provide solutions for :

Dani and Bros can add value in five major areas of your middle market business:

Management and strategy. 

If you're looking to expand your markets geographically, extend your product portfolio, reorganize your middle market company to promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness, buy out a smaller competitor, or increase your overall capabilities, then hiring us can make perfect sense.


Want to improve the quality and efficiency of your production processes? We have team who specializes in business process re-engineering, meaning that they come in and map out your existing processes, analyze opportunities for reducing the number of steps in that process while maintaining quality, and re-engineer your processes in a way that reduces steps and costs.


This is a fast-growing area for consulting, as the demands of new technology are impacting middle market companies every day. Whether you need to develop a new system or integrate your old systems so that they work together, we can help you enhance your capabilities and also make your IT more flexible in meeting the dynamic needs of internal and external customers.


Need to improve the overall satisfaction of your employees, recruit top talent, and retain your top performers? We can help you in developing compensation strategies that align with your overall business goals, training, and developing your people in areas such as business communication and leadership. Also our help can improve performance-related feedback and evaluation to your team, making your employees work smarter.


Whether you need a new logo for your company, a new market position for one of your brands, or a new social media strategy to interact with your customers, we can help you all. 

Call or meet us to know more..

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